From the boardroom to the field

Embher® is the industry change you’ve been waiting for!

Embher® is Flipping the Status Quo

Flame-Resistant Clothing Made by Women for Women

The comfort and fit you have been looking for to wear from the office to the field!
You have a choice.

Clothes that work. So you can too.

Comfort and confidence can now follow you wherever you go. You get to decide what you wear and how you wear it because with Embher®, you have options.

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Flame-resistant clothing has never been designed with women in mind

It’s ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and doesn’t project the influence, expertise or confidence that women deserve.

Right now, women working in the oil and gas, manufacturing and utility industries have few options other than to wear OSHA-compliant FR clothing designed for men.

It’s time to meet: EMBHER®

A female-led company, creating flame-resistant clothing that takes women from the office to the job site with safety, confidence and style.

Fully OSHA-compliant, Embher® was designed so women can look as confident as they feel.

"Women are dynamic, and despite being outnumbered in these industries, they are taking charge across the oilfields and factory floors to the office and the C-Suite. Embher® is helping to level the playing field, one outfit at a time."

- Founder, Melanie Adams