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WOMM: My own Frequency

WOMM, and I don’t mean word-of-mouth-marketing, but boy did I literally laugh out loud one night when I was honest about what WOMM means to me. And my husband thinks I'm a goofball when I described to him why I laughed out loud so prominently. It’s my own frequency! And it lights up my own chakra. Ok that maybe sounds a little woo-woo and I get that but stick with me, this will be quick.

As part of the 31-day Insight Timer challenge (a great free meditation app for all things mindfulness), I did a meditation to specifically reset and wake up the chakras, or the energy in our body. It was part learning (as I never really knew about each chakra) and definitely a strong meditation through sound. Humming specifically. Each chakra has a frequency and a sound that wakes it up and it targets different parts of the body. And I’ll tell you, I'm riding high on vibrations these days (an upcoming blog post I'm sure…). Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE a good acronym and when I typed out the acronym for the title of my new blog "What's On Mel's Mind" it was WOMM. And that's the moment I laughed out loud and KNEW I woke up a chakra.

While WOMM may be my individual frequency, I hope to raise yours by interacting with you in this beautiful universe (woo woo aside, I mean it!).